Healthwise® Knowledgebase

The Healthwise® Knowledgebase is a searchable medical encyclopedia providing symptom descriptions, pictures, and treatment options. This tool – which covers more than 8,000 topics on health conditions, medical tests and procedures, medications, and everyday health and wellness issues – helps members learn more about their health and become active partners with their doctors.

Symptom Checker

Symptom-based interactive topics can help members assess health concerns and determine when to seek care from a health professional. Members will receive treatment recommendations based on individual responses to triage questions. Topics also include significant self-care information so members can learn how to treat conditions at home when appropriate and prevent a future occurrence. The information will also help members prepare for appointments.

Video Library

The Healthwise® Video Library is a searchable database of educational videos on a range of health topics. These videos will show members things that might be difficult to grasp with just words – “how-to” medical instructions, explanations of complex concepts, even illustrations of medical procedures that members may be facing. Videos that explain what will happen, and why, can help reduce anxiety.

Shared Decision-Making Tools

Decision Points help members determine the right course of action when making critical health treatment decisions. Members can even “try on a decision” to see what works best for them. Decision Points provide the framework and information necessary for members and their doctors to make wise health care decisions together.